Tuition Programme

The need for tutoring in the Bridgetown area is becoming more and more prominent as local schools are increasing in overcrowded classrooms, where teachers do not have the capacity to pay individual attention to learners who are struggling in specific learning areas.

Statistics show that communities of this nature have larger unemployment rates than in “upper class” communities due to poor environments in schools. In Bridgetown, school dropout is a crisis where, on reaching Grade 12, approximately only 52% of the age appropriate population of students remain enrolled. This is due to many factors, including poor understanding of school material taught The tutoring project is currently running at the Ma’roof center in Bridgetown on a weekly basis.

Tuition takes place every Sunday for an hour and a half between 11 and 12 30 PM, in which each student is allocated a tutor. Students are currently required to pay R50 per session, 100% of which is paid to the tutor.

Subjects we tutor:

• Mathematics: Grades 1-11

• English: Grades 1-11

Our Tutors

Goosain Allie

BA Student at UCT. Majors: Media, Writing, Informatics

Dedicated, personable and astute tutor with proven time management and collaboration skills developed from sporting and volunteer engagements. Strong interpersonal skills enhanced by taking part in theatre activities to develop confidence and communication abilities.

Muttaqeen Arnold

Finance student at University of the Western Cape

Ambitious, hardworking student, with tutoring experience at university. Has the ability to be proactive in difficult situations,and loves working in a team. Eager to learn and experience new things.

Shakierah Adamson

Junior Business Analyst at Bytes Universal Systems BCom Information Systems, (UCT)

Experienced Student Mentor/ Tutor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Strong professional skilled in tuition, interpersonal skills, teamwork and collaboration. Loves working across diverse teams and in various challenging environments

Abubakr Adamson

Grade 11 student,
Rylands High School.

Hard working individual who is passionate about helping others. He strives in team efforts but also works well on his own. Focused and dedicated to the task at hand.

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