Tuition Programme

Top Tutors has employed a group of tutors and has also partnered with Vision Tutoring and other educational organisations to provide tuition services at a low cost to all students struggling with Mathematics and English, or are simply seeking to improve their grades. This is offered at both Primary and High school levels (all grades).

A once-off registration cost is charged to the student which is to be paid into the NPO’s bank account to cover running costs. Tuition is charged at a base rate of R150 per session, 100% of which goes to the tutor.

Our Tutors

Goosain Allie

BA Student at UCT. Majors: Media, Writing, Informatics

Dedicated, personable and astute tutor with proven time management and collaboration skills developed from sporting and volunteer engagements. Strong interpersonal skills enhanced by taking part in theatre activities to develop confidence and communication abilities.

Muttaqeen Arnold

Finance student at University of the Western Cape

Ambitious, hardworking student, with tutoring experience at university. Has the ability to be proactive in difficult situations,and loves working in a team. Eager to learn and experience new things.

Shakierah Adamson

Junior Business Analyst at Bytes Universal Systems BCom Information Systems, (UCT)

Experienced Student Mentor/ Tutor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Strong professional skilled in tuition, interpersonal skills, teamwork and collaboration. Loves working across diverse teams and in various challenging environments.

Abubakr Adamson

Grade 12 student,
Rylands High School.

Hard working individual who is passionate about helping others. He strives in team efforts but also works well on his own. Focused and dedicated to the task at hand.

Chante-Leigh Cloete

Enterprise Operations Specialist at 2U

Hardworking HR professional skilled in organisation, time management and working in teams. Also experienced in tuition and student leadership and facilitation.

Salmaan Kamaloodien

BSc Mechatronics Engineering student at University of Cape Town

Versatile tutor with excellent academic record. Well rounded team player with good interpersonal skills, who is also easily adaptable and always eager to learn to abilities.

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