Quran Recitation Project

Our lives are becoming busier; people aren’t able to dedicate enough time to physically go out and seek knowledge of the Quran. On top of this, there is an increase in crime, making people hesitant to leave their home. Based on an extensive survey, we found that people prefer being taught in the comfort of their homes, especially if their time is constrained/limited.

We are thus facilitating the upliftment of our community, whilst providing the whole family with education in the safety and comfort of their homes. This also enables the growth of a strong, beneficial relationship between the student and tutor. -

The Quran recitation project is aimed at allowing people of all ages at various levels of recitation, an opportunity to learn Quranic reading skills, privately. This includes working class adults who have other commitments, but still want to improve their recitation skills and more. We would also like to offer this opportunity to people who, otherwise, are unable to afford it, as we believe that affordability should not be a barrier to learning proper recitation of the Quran and more.

We are equipped with a team of qualified Quranic teachers, who will avail themselves to go to a student and teach them in the comfort of their home(s). Our teachers are all Haafith ul Quran and are all equipped with the knowledge of rules to pronounce every letter from its point of origin together with all its characteristics (Tajweed). We also have teachers who have certification (Ijaazah) in Ashra, Saba’a, and Shadh Qira’at. This afford students to be granted Ijaazah on top of the attachment to Quran by establishing it’s recitation daily.

Interested persons may request a booking. Availability checks will be done, and an available tutor will be allocated. This will be an establishment based on the fact that proficient Quran recitation cannot be perfected in one session. To further explain, an individual cannot perfect proficient recitation by only having one or two sessions with his/her tutor, rather it’s an establishment between tutor and student.

Our Quran Tutors

Our teachers are all qualified with the memorization of the Holy Quran, and are equipped with the knowledge of applying Tajweed rules from the teachings of Ibn Al-Jazari, a distinguished scholar in the sciences of Quran and Tajweed

 1. Haafith Kashief Isaacs

2. Haafith Ridaah Abrahams

3. Haafith Suleiman Hendricks

4. Haafith Ighsaan Sedick

5. Haafith Ismail Desai

6. Mualimah Nafeesah Hendricks

7. Mualimah Shakierah Adamson

8. Mualimah Aneesah Jabaar  

9. Haafith Jawaad Lakay

10. Mualimah Rawbiah Isaacs

11. Mualimah Taahirah Brown

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